Catoctin Creek Dia de los Muertos Whiskey

Single Malt American Whiskey
2 Years Old
2016 Vintage
46% ABV

Catoctin used Adroit Theory Brewing Company's Double Stout to distill and aged the Dia de los Muertos for over two years in new charred oak barrels.

Catoctin Creek Dia de los Muertos Whiskey was tasted at Meeting No. 57 on April 27, 2017. Out of 5, we rated it very highly at 3.00, though we had some disagreement among member ratings. Catoctin Creek Dia de los Muertos Whiskey ranks 2nd overall in American Whiskey. Costing $125, this spirit is expensive given the our rating of it.

Rating Details

No. 2 of 2
No. 34 of 51
20 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 57 in April 2017
 •  4.5

So complex. Smells like paint can. Pop rocks kind of finish. Delicious.

 •  4.0

Smells like toilet bowl cleaner, but not necessarily in a bad way... tastes like an IPA which is VERY dangerous.

 •  4.0

Smells like overripe peaches and drinks like a cask beer. Weird but fun. Definitely a unique spirit.

 •  4.0

There was SUCH a diversity of opinion on this spirit -> I #lovethis! Oink, oink: reminds me of the early scent of a pig roast, as the cracklins begin to boil, combined with sweaty gym shorts. But, down the hatch it goes warming my belly.

 •  4.0

A shape shifter to the nose. Coca cola, root beer, herbal, stout. I'm lost in its delisiousnes.

 •  3.0

Sharpie nose. Like drinking the oil from a fragrance diffuser, but sweeter than I would imagine that the oil would be.

 •  3.0

Interesting Tootsie roll and clay nose. Nice dark malty flavor. Dish soap finish. Good experiment.

 •  2.5

Nose of rotting leaves...

 •  2.5

Nose is sour yerba mate and hops. Flashy splash of sweetness with an herbal soapy finish.

 •  2.5

The sweetness on the bottom of the barrel. Maple syrup on a hospital counter.

 •  1.5

Smells like Windex. Yeah, I confirmed it - Windex. Tastes a little better than it smells. Hoppy, like a beer. I don't like this one. Muertos is a good description.

 •  1.5

Furniture polish nose like the kind in my basement growing up that had been there since the house was built. Taste is not quite the redemption.

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1 other member rated this 4.0

1 other member rated this 3.5

1 other member rated this 3.0

2 other members rated this 2.5

2 other members rated this 1.5


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