Highest Rated

Jim Beam® Distiller’s Masterpiece  •  7/25/2017  •  4.5

As indulgent as Nero and composed as Marcus Aurelius. If a Bourbon could be called imperial this is it! Makes fiddling during a fire sound good. So many layers of flavor.

Blanton's Straight From The Barrel  •  7/25/2017  •  4.5

Puts hair on your chest but kinda like Jean DuJardin. The drink for an "artiste" or super spy. A few drops opens it up beautifully.

WhistlePig The Boss Hog V - The Spirit of Mauve  •  8/30/2018  •  4.5

Very smooth with a buttery finish.

Lowest Rated

Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey Cask No. 44 Barrel Select  •  4/27/2017  •  2.0

Feel the burn.

Fremont Mischief Storm Tossed - F/V Northwestern  •  4/27/2017  •  2.0

Sweet Apple Crisp. Where is the vanilla ice cream?

Catoctin Creek Dia de los Muertos Whiskey  •  4/27/2017  •  2.5

The sweetness on the bottom of the barrel. Maple syrup on a hospital counter.


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