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The Best of Seattle is a curated list of hidden gems in the Greater Seattle area. This resource serves those who want to know where to shop, what distilleries to visit, and where to unwind. Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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Best Seattle Distilleries

Best in the Northwest

Westland is certainly leading the way for American single malt whiskies. They make a beautiful sherry oak finished whiskey, a peated whiskey, and their flagship unpeated whiskey - all award winners. These guys have it dialed in, and work hard to imbue their whiskey with the heritage of Scotland. Visit their distillery in the SODO neighborhood to sample their products and pick up a couple bottles. One for your bar and another for when you’re surprised with how quickly you finished the first one.

If you're from out of town or just looking for something to do, OOLA proves you don't need an elaborate distillery to make a great product. If it's in stock, pick up a bottle of their Waitsburg Bourbon for your bar, and sample the Rosemary vodka.

Skip Rock Distillers

Pack a picnic and set sail for the distant land of Snohomish. It's totally worth it. You can't beat Their passion for craft spirits. Chardonnay barrel aged rum, a creamy potato vodka, and barrel proof rye, are all standouts. They have a fantastic nocino made from local walnuts. Supplies are limited and nearly impossible to get your hands on.

Sound Spirits - This is the first craft licensed distiller in Seattle since prohibition, and they are making some fantastic spirits at their little Interbay location. They have a beautiful Old Tom style gin, aquavit, and the most amazing cacao liqueur - perfect for your morning coffee or evening ice cream. In July of 2015, Sound Spirits also introduced Madame Damnable, their Distillery's first whiskey, which the society tasted at meeting No. 38. Great selection of bitters and cocktail supplies. A visit should be in your future!

Copperworks Distilling Company

Beautiful stills and smart design are apparent at this distillery located on the Seattle waterfront. Parking in the area may be a pain, but access is easy if you’re already downtown, and note that it’s only a few blocks from the Pike Place Market. Gin and Vodka available now, and a single malt whiskey coming in summer 2016.


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