Highest Rated

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23yr  •  2/26/2015  •  5.0

Full sweet and pleasant aroma. First taste was a sweet grassy, dry wood shop taste. Second taste was a delicious buttery maple syrup flavor.

Clase Azul Reposado  •  12/18/2014  •  5.0

Black pepper on nose. Super soft and sweet pepper flavor. Delicious, luscious, decadent. A celebration of today. Unlike any other tequila.

Glenlivet The Guardians' Chapter  •  12/18/2014  •  5.0

Sweet floral nose reminiscent of my favorite tequila (Clase Azul Reposado), ultra smooth. Drinkable daily, could easily become my go-to spirit. Do not sense the higher alcohol content. Best for: an intro to Scotch

Lowest Rated

The ONE Limited Edition  •  2/22/2018  •  0.5

Very unique nose and flavor. Quite unpleasant. Like a sour burned rubber or wet asphalt. Not my spirit.

Fortaleza Blanco  •  4/28/2016  •  1.0

Forteleza Tequila Silver. Smell reminds me of silly putty. Agave is there but it smells not ripe. Its a valley tequlia so interesting to compare the difference between this and highland varieties.

Bushmills 21  •  11/17/2016  •  1.0

Super light on the tip of the tongue but then quickly grows bitter and unpleasant. The handsome bottle and 21 yr age statement are beguiling. Best for use as a practical joke.


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