Hometown: Seattle
Profession: Product Manager
Highest Rated

Bainbridge Yama  •  9/29/2016  •  5.0

Strap this one under my nose like a feed bag. Scent is banabread fresh out of the oven floating on top of thick cream that's warmed enough to bring out its sweet fatty notes. Even the walnuts appear on the palate. Moves through the mouth with graceful speed. Boom!

Convalmore 1977  •  8/25/2016  •  5.0

So potent on first taste, grips the mouth like a clenched fist. A couple drops of water reveals a depth of character, like a box with more hidden compartments than you have fingers.

Bruichladdich Octomore 3.1  •  9/27/2013  •  5.0

I didn't think a whisky could be this peaty w/o tasting like band-aids. The aftertaste may never go away in the best of ways. Add water, let it sit in your mouth till the burn is unbearable. So good.

Lowest Rated

Woodinville Rye  •  11/29/2012  •  1.0

Unrefined, harsh, wet, & drunk quickly.

Kilbeggan  •  9/27/2012  •  1.0

Harsh but thin, feels unrefined. Budget filler.

Tres Generaciones Anejo  •  8/30/2012  •  1.0

Smells like sweet detergent for hand washing only. Weird floral detergent taste. Bad. Black pepper aftertaste.


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