Westland Winter 2016

3 Years Old
2016 Vintage
50% ABV

Westland Winter is a non-chill filtered inaugural release limited edition offering from Westland Distillery. The spirit is a blend of six 1st Fill ex-Bourbon, one Cooper's Reserve, one 1st Fill ex-Westland, and one ex-Olorosso Hogshead sherry cask of Westland Single Malt. The minimum maturation time of this blend is 34 months. The spirit utilizes a Belgian Brewer's yeast strain fermenting for 144 hours.

Westland Winter 2016 was tasted at Meeting No. 57 on April 27, 2017. Out of 5, we rated it very highly at 3.39. Westland Winter 2016 ranks 9th overall in American Whiskey. Costing $100, this spirit is on the pricier side given the our rating of it.

Rating Details

No. 9 of 20
No. 18 of 51
23 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 57 in April 2017
 •  4.0

Solid scotch lookalike. There's some Subtle smoke on the back end that I really like. Really nice effort.

 •  4.0

White wheat and light smoke scented, like what I'd imagine the inside of a grain elevator smells like or maybe the smoke from a Vatican chimney when a new Pope is selected. Pleasant flavor expressing sweetness and more mild smoke. Pleasant burn on the finish. Best for accompanying a blessing over an Easter crowd assembled in St Peter's Square.

 •  4.0

A hint of the smoke contained in a fruity shell.

 •  4.0

Soft, floral aromas. More bite than you'd expect. In a blind tasting I'd have lost large amounts of money betting that this was a Scotch.

 •  3.5

Nice complex nose with a little, distant funk. All over the place and a little dry. I didn't buy this during the original release, but it's a notch better than I remember. Will try again in Winter 2017.

 •  3.5

Delicate banana oatmeal candy scent, sweet entrance, dry exit with a bitter smokey finish.

 •  3.5

Impressive, Westland. I tend to find that there is a distinctive chocolate character to Westland, but it's somewhat lost on this variety. The mixture of barrels is evident, as is its peaty body.

 •  3.0

Light yellow color, Ripe banana/cedar nose, light smoke that builds over the course of the tasting. Nice heat on finish with a touch of cinnamon/ all spice on backend

 •  2.0

For peats sake, who dropped my whiskey into the fire? Burnt, smooth, distinctly PNW.

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3 other members rated this 3.0

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