Highest Rated

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23yr  •  2/26/2015  •  5.0

Age has treated this treated this spirit kindly. All those dark notes--Graham craxker, syrup, cinnamon, chocolate, root beer, anise--have all melded into one beautiful symphony. Just magnificent. *Mic drop*

Angel's Envy Bourbon  •  12/18/2014  •  5.0

Sweet bouncin' baby Jesus this is good - fruit - banana and cherry and vanilla; this could be it's own Manhattan .

Ardbeg Uigeadail  •  12/18/2014  •  5.0

Reserved - maybe a well kept swimming pool on the nose the palate is elegant - sweet sherry interweaves with the Ardbegian peat like a Celtic knot; Lithe and beautiful.

Lowest Rated

Dalwhinnie 15  •  5/29/2014  •  1.0

Char on the nose; unappetizing burnt rubber smell; tepid heat for 92 proof; no energy off the palate; dull… Sweetness but no life.

Orphan Barrel Forged Oak 15 Year Bourbon  •  5/28/2015  •  2.5

Rounded fruit (cherry?) and maple notes on the first pass. Perhaps a little lean on the back edge. The maple notes linger all the way thru the finish. A little more heat up front than I expected. I think the leanness comes from over oaking, or extended time in barrel and a rye mashbill, I'm guessing. A few drops of water actuall further diminished this whiskey.

Charbay Whiskey Release III  •  1/28/2016  •  3.0

A little dank basement on the nose. Dusty books and moss. The back end is like a nice hot bottle of Lowenbrau. Literally. Unlike anything else I've ever had, obviously. Almost a carbonated hot finish. Best for um, surprising your friend who hates beer?


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