The Hakushu Heavily Peated

Single Malt Japanese Whisky
48% ABV

Only 3000 bottles of this limited release, no age statement whisky were produced. Malted barley is dried over a peat flame and then twice distilled in copper pot stills. While it is labeled heavily peated it is said to be less smoky in than other similar peat level single malts due to the softness of the water supply which runs through the granite riverbeds of the Japanese alps.

We tasted The Hakushu Heavily Peated at Meeting No. 28 on September 25, 2014. We rated it very highly at 3.12 out of 5. The Hakushu Heavily Peated ranks 13th overall in Japanese Whisky. At a street price of $150, this spirit is expensive given the our rating of it.

Rating Details

No. 13 of 15
17 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 28 in September 2014
 •  3.5

Light peat smell which comes through much more pronounced in the taste. Mystery age I would guess at least to be a 15 year as it is pretty complex, rich fruity flavor coming through. Solid!

 •  3.5

Weak peat. Ugh. Feedback skewed because of Chichibu.

 •  3.0

Mild smoke on the nose - iodine, camphor, old bandaids, and thats not an insult; subtle smoke woven throughout. A nice starter for peated whisky.

 •  3.0

Almost sweet with a spicy aftertaste. Spicy and a bit of an after burn. Hangs on the tongue too long. I think there are better singles than this.

 •  3.0

Nice peat scent - not overpowering. Tasted sweet on tongue at first. Then the flavor lightened significantly. Peat comes in at the end along with old barn-like (oak?) on the finish.

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