Hometown: Seattle, WA
Profession: Design Lead
About: End user of fine whiskeys.
Highest Rated

Dalwhinnie 25  •  4/25/2013  •  5.0

Magical. Prunes. Do want, but unlikely to convince wife. Sip. Really do want. Diverse flavor profile. Diverse finishing notes.

Collier & McKeel Small Batch Tennessee Whiskey  •  9/24/2015  •  4.0

Oatmeal with almond flakes. Fresh open maple brown sugar oatmeal packet.

Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr  •  2/26/2015  •  4.0

Disorderly conduct. Heat.

Lowest Rated

Woodinville Rye  •  11/29/2012  •  0.5

Harsh. What the...?! Do. Not. Like. I like the bottle. Who wants to clean out their mouth so I can keep the bottle?

SMWS 63.27: Jar Jar Binks in Trouble Again  •  5/30/2013  •  1.0

Unexplainable visions of fire with an unknown source.

La Venenosa Sierra del Tigre  •  5/26/2016  •  2.0

Sweet popcorn initially. Accelerated quickly into a hole of rotted cheese and fruit.


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