SMWS 71.40: Sticky Apricot Tarts at an Indian Market

Glenburgie Distillery, Bottled by Scotch Malt Whisky Society
Single Malt Scotch
23 Years Old
56.3% ABV

SMWS 71.40: Sticky Apricot Tarts at an Indian Market was tasted at Meeting No. 25 on June 25, 2014. Out of 5, we rated it exceptionally at 4.18. SMWS 71.40: Sticky Apricot Tarts at an Indian Market ranks 4th overall in Scotch. Costing $180, this spirit is expensive, but worth it.

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No. 4 of 35
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Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 25 in June 2014
 •  4.5

Nose of sweet clover honey. Taste of sweet candied apricots and burnt caramel, lush and fertile. Gimme some more of THAT!

 •  4.5

Wet plump and juicy - ripe citrus mess. So, sexy!

 •  4.5

Onion-savory on the nose, followed by stone fruit jam. Like a spicy apricot-mint jam. Surprisingly delicate and complex, like a really refined moscato grappa. With water, the chewy, jamminess comes front and center.

 •  4.5

Old in age, but with an open, youthful, yeasty nose. Wine - plum? Round, mouth filling flavor of nectar, but sugar, and a little wood. The age has softened the high proof and this is ridiculously drinkable. I get the orange like a high proof triple sec thrown in an Orange Julius. One of the best cask-strength Speysides I've tried.

 •  4.0

Extremely earthy on the nose. I don't like it. It reminds me of an old sock in algae. Drinking starts with deep moss, but quickly finishes smoother. No aftertaste.

 •  4.0

Nose: Sweaty musky humid caramelized stone fruit. Taste: wonderful strength: light burn, slow mouth watering blend, no bite, breathe in the crispest air on the earth to top it off.

 •  4.0

Detecting a toasty, woody-type smell with some sort of plum or berry at the tail end. Can't get the "chewy mahogany" out of my head, so that's what I'm tasting - very good!

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