Matt G.

Highest Rated

Benriach 35  •  8/25/2016  •  5.0

Sweet on the nose. Like walking through a caramel factory. Wow, I love this. Either I haven't had a good tasting in a while or the spirit is world class. Sweet and explosive in a good way.

Macallan 18  •  10/29/2015  •  5.0

Smells sweet. Am I about to eat candy? No, but the taste is much sweeter than other spirits I've tried tonight. Dark cherry, almond, vanilla are the flavor I get. I love this, tastes great and I could drink it every day.

SMWS 71.38: A Cheese Board in a Library  •  6/25/2014  •  5.0

Interestingly, I get no aroma in this one other than alcohol. Drinking this instantly reminds me of taffy. Caramel hints, toffee, popcorn, and bark. Adding water opened up a creamy nose.

Lowest Rated

A.D. Rattray Cask Collection BenRiach 23  •  2/25/2016  •  2.0

Smells subtle, almost nothing at all on the nose. But when you take the first sip, it's pretty strong. Bitter, like tree bark. It has a punch and because of that it's hard to find the palette.

Old Monk Rum  •  10/30/2014  •  2.0

Smells lovely, like caramel candy and fire. I thought it's taste the same but its much more bland than its smell. Easy to drink.

Becherovka  •  2/26/2015  •  2.5

Absinthe. That's what I immediately think of when smelling this. Once drinking, I sum this up as "Christmas in a bottle."


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