Highland Park Loki

Single Malt Scotch
15 Years Old
48.7% ABV

Highland Park originates from the island of Orkney and was founded in 1798. The Loki is a limited edition release in the Valhalla collection, named for a shapeshifter god in Norse mythology. It was matured for 15 years in both American and Spanish oak.

We tasted Highland Park Loki at Meeting No. 29 on October 30, 2014. We rated it very highly at 3.97 out of 5. Highland Park Loki ranks 4th overall in Scotch. At a street price of $300, this spirit is expensive, but worth it.

Rating Details

No. 4 of 17
No. 24 of 136
18 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 29 in October 2014
 •  4.5

Caramel spice - as is the trend, Highland Park performs at a high level. Warm fire with my Basset hound curled up beside me. A holiday treat after a pint of nog. This is a dessert wine, scotch-style.

 •  4.5

Vanilla - best balance of sweet & oaky. The peat isn't overpowering which is nice.

 •  4.5

Nose: White chocolate, vanilla, rosemary. Taste: Rich, savory, sea salt, caramel, fatty. This is an amazing dessert scotch. Pair with chocolate.

 •  4.5

Strong chocolate and vanilla smell - very fragrant! So smooth - like butter. I could drink it all night and day too! Please pass the chocolate.

 •  4.5

Smells like wet pasta and wood. Palate of nutmeg and vanilla. Finishes long but delicate.

 •  4.0

Hardly an nose; Hints of vanilla and honey. Evaporates on the tongue.

 •  4.0

Licorice and Turkish delight. Wizard spells and leather s&m whips. Fantasies come true.

 •  4.0

Nose - very slight - light floral. Taste - wet - slightly sharp meaty characteristics. Finish - soothing, nice wet/dry balance with fruit.

 •  3.0

Floral and fruit on the nose. Complex, but hard to find a distinguishing, memorable flavor.

 •  3.0

Taste and smell of cambozola cheese and Dairy Queen chocolate vanilla swirl. Old leather saddle. Smooths out with a few drops of water. Hickory smoke and unripe pears. Nice bitter finish.

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1 other member rated this 4.0

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2 other members rated this 3.0


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