Amrut Fusion (2013)

Single Malt Other Whiskey
50% ABV

Amrut Fusion is so named because is it made of 25% Scottish barley and 75% Indian barley. The Scottish barley is peated, and is distilled and matured separately from the unpeated Indian barley. After 3-5 years maturation, the two are married and aged for an additional three months in bourbon casks. Amrut, which meats “nectar of the gods” in Sanskrit, is distilled and matured in the extreme heat of Bangalore at 3000 feet above sea level. It is said that the Angel’s share, which is the percent of spirit lost to evaporation, is as high as 12% per year, and has the effect of aging the spirit faster than its years would indicate.

Amrut Fusion (2013) was tasted at Meeting No. 16 on September 27, 2013. Out of 5, we rated it very highly at 3.33, though we had some disagreement among member ratings. Amrut Fusion (2013) ranks 23rd overall in Other Whiskey. Costing $85, this spirit is on the pricier side given the our rating of it.

Rating Details

No. 23 of 34
9 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 16 in September 2013
 •  4.5

Nose: Fruit & spice & oolong tea. Taste: Mildew, but in a good way. Bananas & clover. I could be happy drinking this.

 •  4.0

Carbon, pencil shavings, and apple on the nose. Plum wine, sweet bourbon barrels. Different, but not in a bad way. Disagree with Moose on this one.

 •  3.5

Rock candy aroma. Leather boots, short skirts and some floor dust.

 •  2.5

Nose is woody and aromatic, sweet bubble gum. Sweet and mildly peaty on the tongue. Finishes well, especially smooth given it age.

 •  2.0

Notes of turpentine w/ Scottish hints - not the finest single malt, but a comfortable, warming drink. Disagree w/ Jim Murray honors. Everyone in the room fawned over this, but I cannot get past the initial stale peat incense, which reminds me of an amateur attempt at moonshine.

 •  2.0

Oooh weee. I imagined a peaty whip cracking the inside of my mouth followed shortly thereafter by a mellow twingy blah. Pass.

2 other members rated this 4.0

1 other member rated this 3.5


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