Highest Rated

Don Mateo Pechuga  •  11/21/2019  •  4.5

Wet dirt (stole from Maura). Slight essence of anise. Hint of sweet. So much better and complex than I’m describing.

Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014  •  11/29/2018  •  4.5

Soap (positive), sea airs, hay, crisp, light as air; maple syrup on the nose

Redbreast 21 Year Old  •  12/20/2018  •  4.5

Pineapple upside down cake + glue on the nose; butterscotch on the nose; spicy, juicy starfruit, starburst (passionfruit); well-balanced;

Lowest Rated

Rey Campero Jabali  •  5/29/2019  •  2.0

Sticky Elmer’s glue on the nose. Acetone. Tastes like rotten Meyer lemons, thrown on the grill in attempts to save them.

The Arcane  •  10/24/2019  •  2.5

On the nose: perfume, wet dank hops. Sweet without being sweet. Tea tree. Soap. So much soap.

Green Spot Château Léoville Barton 2018  •  12/20/2018  •  3.0

Rum-soaked golden raisins on the nose; creamy, oak, vanilla; sweet; estringent that quickly mellows; tart green apple on the finish


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