Dave B.

Highest Rated

Springbank 25  •  8/25/2016  •  5.0

Surprisingly light for 25 years in sherry cask with a port cask finish. Perfectly balanced with amazing finish! Would drink this anytime.

Highland Park 25 (2016)  •  8/25/2016  •  4.5

Floral, light on the nose and smooth, surprisingly mellow finish. Perfect with an Ashton VSG at sunset over the Olympics.

Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey WBH First Sighting Private Selection  •  9/26/2019  •  4.5

Amazing maple-syrup nose, smooth for cask strength and amazingly easy to finish ... scary-good!

Lowest Rated

The Tweeddale 14  •  7/27/2016  •  1.0

When you're out of iodine, this will do in your field medic kit.

Woodinville Whiskey Bourbon  •  9/29/2016  •  2.5

Nose like old bed linens from grandma's attic; a musty linen odor. Flavor is complex and woody with some Carmel sweetness; just like grandma. Finish was tart and more bitter than expected; unlike grandma who was sweet to the end. I'm not sure what's in this that makes it not quite right, but they have some kinks to work out ... Just like grandma's back.

Dockside Exclusive Blended Malt Whisky  •  7/27/2016  •  2.5

Angry and complex, starts bold then turns into a never ending conflict of flavors.


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