John M.

Highest Rated

Benriach 35  •  8/25/2016  •  5.0

Ok! Now we're talking. Beautiful color but undistinguishable nose. But all that really matters is the taste and this is like Willy Wanka took the smell of a pipe tabacco shop and all the unique blends and put it into river of amazing ness that my senses are swimming in!

Macallan 18  •  10/29/2015  •  4.5

You easily taste the talk about it. Delicious for sure! I would fill my flask, sneak it into the office and risk being fired to taste this whole bored at work. However, given the price point it will continue to be a desired bottle for the home.

Balcones Brimstone  •  6/24/2015  •  4.0

Super smoky! An entire slab of ribs was turned into a drink. An unbelievably smooth finish for how smokey the nose & taste are.

Lowest Rated

Convite Jabali  •  5/29/2019  •  0.5

Rubber. Stop this taste right now!

Mezcal Vago Elote  •  1/29/2015  •  1.0

Strong - harsh. Straight to the point, smells like cleaning alcohol.

Guillon Sauternes Cask Finish  •  3/30/2017  •  1.0

Tastes like cherry cough syrup. And not the kind you want to drink from your grandfathers medicine cabinet.


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