Highest Rated

Clase Azul Reposado  •  12/18/2014  •  5.0

Shit, best tequila I've tasted. Aroma of both pepper and sweet fruit, tastes as it smells, caramel and honey, mm hmm. I shall buy this.

Glenlivet The Guardians' Chapter  •  12/18/2014  •  5.0

Tasty, like a spicy butterscotch treat, melts on your tongue then nips your lips with a peppery orange potpourri. Just super.

Amrut Fusion (2016)  •  3/31/2016  •  4.0

Really tasty. Subtle flavor but crisp and fruity. I'll have this again for sure.

Lowest Rated

Sazerac Rye  •  10/24/2013  •  2.0

Peppery flavor at first taste, mild finish. Mix of various notes, hard to distinguish. Meh.

Willett Noah's Mill Bourbon  •  8/28/2014  •  2.5

Sharp and peppery. Unexpected bite at first. But doesn't linger. Maybe too strong to appreciate the flavor. Complex notes but actually growing on me.

Los Nahuales Anejo  •  4/24/2014  •  2.5

Peppery and sweet BBQ flavor; clean taste at first but gets dirty, a delayed tingling sensation. Not sure about this one, not bad but not having another.


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