Hometown: Seattle
Highest Rated

Sullivans Cove Double Cask  •  8/27/2020  •  5.0

Oh Wow! Now that is complex. Multi-layered flavor release happens in stages. A little smoky with a mouth-filling subtle fullness. Soft, smooth texture. One of the best whiskeys' I've ever tasted.

Maker’s Mark Limited Release RC6 (2019)  •  5/28/2020  •  4.5

Wow! Really different taste up front . Super complex flavors open up very quickly with multiple floral after tastes. I haven’t tasted a Bourbon like this . Such good after taste I didn’t want to clear my palate

Bozal Pechuga  •  11/21/2019  •  4.0

Silky texture. Almost chewy. Subtle Smokey flavor.

Lowest Rated

Tomatin 18  •  2/27/2020  •  3.0

Heavy on the nose and tongue. No subtlety. Some fullness and smoke with no back of tongue after taste.

Weller Antique 107  •  9/16/2020  •  3.0

Better. Soft in the mouth, runs down the throat with a sweeter after taste. This is the least harsh of the Bourbons tonight. I like the after taste. It opens up a bit with time.

Willett Family Estate Rare Release 4-Year Rye  •  5/28/2020  •  3.5

Interesting flavor. Strong sweet bouquet. The increased ABV really affects the up front flavor. Vanilla after note. Pepper up front


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