Highest Rated

WhistlePig The Boss Hog V - The Spirit of Mauve  •  8/30/2018  •  5.0

Apples stored in a woodshed. Peppery. Delightful. Amazing.

Willett 6 Year Bourbon - John Howie Steak Pick  •  9/16/2020  •  4.5

Fantastic. I need a bottle to get me to Election Day, and perhaps many more after.

Barrell Rum Private Release J551  •  4/30/2020  •  4.5

Smooth but deep and complex. Easy drinking, even straight. An ice cube would be perfect

Lowest Rated

Cutty Sark Vintage 1970s  •  2/27/2020  •  1.0

Might be the reason so many people were into drugs in the ‘70s.

Balcones Baby Blue Whiskey  •  4/27/2017  •  2.0

Molasses, grassy? butterscotch. Slight bitter aftertaste. I like it but not sure I would seek it out.

Selección ArteNOM 1579 Blanco  •  9/27/2018  •  2.0

Minerally, hot, a little harsh, less depth than the others we’ve tried, not much flavor


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