Highest Rated

Laphroaig Lore  •  11/21/2019  •  4.0

Smooth sherry and smoke. Excellently blended

Barrell Rum Private Release B601  •  4/30/2020  •  4.0

I'm not a big rum fan but this one has a lot to offer, the sherry comes through on the finish and lots of different spices.

Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Bottled In Bond  •  9/16/2020  •  4.0

Lot of spice and herbal notes coming through, very complex flavors, definitely worth your time.

Lowest Rated

Bozal Pechuga  •  11/21/2019  •  1.5

Eucalyptus smoke and acrid worm.

Lagavulin 8  •  9/26/2019  •  2.5

Meh, this was dumped too early. Good budget lagavulin if you're into that.

Henry McKenna Single Barrel Bourbon  •  10/24/2019  •  2.5

Oaky, deep, and smokey


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