WhistlePig Rye

WhistlePig Farm ⋅ Bottled by WhistlePig
10 Years Old
50% ABV

The original stock of WhistlePig Rye is made by Alberta Premium distillery in Canada and then bottled in Vermont. As of July 4, 2015, Whistle Pig Farm began distilling it's own product in Shoreham, VT.

We tasted WhistlePig Rye at Meeting No. 11 on April 25, 2013. We rated it exceptionally at 4.25 out of 5. WhistlePig Rye is the top rated Rye that we've tried.

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Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 11 in April 2013

Gavin  •  4/25/2013  •  5.0

Sunday brunch soaked in syzurp. Don't water her down for she is rich and pure.

Evan  •  4/25/2013  •  4.5

Maple nose, warm & lasting. Sweet on the tongue, mellow overall, but packs a punch. Adding H2O mellows everything, but linger is still good.

Justin  •  4/25/2013  •  4.0

Hint of maple in the nose. Cask strength has a nice kick. A drop of water opens it up in the nose and tongue.

Derek  •  4/25/2013  •  4.0

Sweet notes. Uber mellow and smooth. With water, increased heat. Loses smoothness. Note to self, purchase for home.

Nick  •  4/25/2013  •  3.5

Stands up strong. Hints or maple and brown sugar. Opens up with a drop of water.

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