Tequila Tapatio Excelencia - Gran Reserva

4 Years Old
40% ABV

We tasted Tequila Tapatio Excelencia - Gran Reserva at Meeting No. 35 on April 30, 2015. We rated it very highly at 3.42 out of 5. Tequila Tapatio Excelencia - Gran Reserva ranks 13th overall in Tequila. At a street price of $160, this spirit is expensive given the our rating of it.

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No. 13 of 25
25 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 35 in April 2015

Brian W.  •   •  4.5

Crazy the scent is reminiscent of a tomato plant or a pungent Mexican fruit stand. The taste barely resembles tequila and has a mellow acidic taste with a hint of dried cherry or prune. Even crazier, had a second pour and the smell and taste completely change…

Jameson  •   •  4.0

Nose - cedar bark woody ~ earthy pleasant. Taste - Complex yet light in the mouth; malty roasted flavors. Finish - dry tobacco tones.

Nick  •   •  4.0

Nose is musty then caramel-y. Palate complex and woody with a hint of spice.

Tim  •   •  4.0

Don't let the musky barn smell fool you! It's robust and full flavored with hints of cedar, corn, and hay. A great drink for the end of the evening.

Justin  •   •  4.0

Stanky freshly spread bark aroma. Herbal, rubber cement.

Greg  •   •  3.5

Nose: Saturday afternoon matinee and cedar mulch and very old library dust and vanilla. Taste - metallic and vibrant, dark caramel.

Charlotte  •   •  3.5

Dig this. Diverse but not complicated. Musty, great late night by the fire or on the beach. Wood. My kind of dessert.

Matt C.  •   •  3.5

A huge nose of wet wood. Dusty and herbal. Very light on the front, finishes more full.

Dennis  •   •  3.0

Complex flavors. Pepper, varnish, vanilla, caramel.

Chelsea  •   •  2.5

Like laying down mulch on a rainy day.

Adam  •   •  2.5

Cedar bark up front on the nose, medicinal on the back end. earthy. Hard to pinpoint the mid-range. More complex - maybe too much? Like a Stravinsky composition -- I might Walk out on it.

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