Jason A.

Highest Rated

Highland Park 25 (2016)  •  8/25/2016  •  5.0

Exceptional complexity. Dried fruit, slight sweetness, subtle finish that lingers long after the sip is gone. Outstanding.

Benriach 35  •  8/25/2016  •  5.0

Smells like carmalized peaches and burnt sugar. Lots going on in this one. Deserves to be savored.

Convalmore 1977  •  8/25/2016  •  4.5

Smells like cask strength. Benefits from a few drops of water to open it up. Assertive. Rich. Fantastic.

Lowest Rated

La Venenosa Sierra del Tigre  •  5/26/2016  •  2.5

Aggressively sour with a peppery finish. A bit rough on the nose, but softens a tad once you get over the almost unpleasant smell.

El Tinieblo - Mezcal Joven  •  8/27/2015  •  2.5

Harsh and aggressive. Smoke is the prominent note, but it has an almost floral finish.

Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey Cask No. 44 Barrel Select  •  4/27/2017  •  2.5

Amazing nose with a tinny moonshine finish. Wanted to like this more than I did.


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