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Cigar Selections Spring 2015

What we're smoking to accompany our fine spirits, this quarter:

Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Toro

If you like a full bodied, strong cigar, you'll love our stock of Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Toros. These bad boys will stand up to any cask strength bourbon or Islay Scotch. From Famous Smoke: "With each draw, you'll be met with premium longfiller tobaccos encased in a spicy yet creamy Habano wrapper. Perfectly balanced and perfectly priced, this is sure to be your new every day stogie. Get yours now!"

Acid Blondie Belicoso

Fans of full size cigars, but who want something medium strength, will love these cigars. Like a torpedo, the belicoso has a conic head to amplify aromas and flavors. From Cigars International: "It just appeals to everyone, thanks to a smooth, creamy flavor, but powerhouse character, complemented by an enjoyable sweetness on the finish."

Acid Krush Classic Blue Connecticut

For those looking for a mild, smaller cigar, we've got a bunch of Acid Krush Classic Blue Connecticut cigars. Sure these come in tins, but are definitely fine cigars from a top notch producer. From Famous Smoke: "Krush Classic Blue Connecticut are petite cigars handcrafted with mild Connecticut wrappers that surround the finest longfiller Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with essential oils, herbs and botanicals."

PS: There's a couple Avo Classic Original #2 floating around as well. And, we still have a few cigars left over from last quarter. Now, where did I put the lighter?...