Okayama Single Malt

40% ABV

A special 100 year anniversary celebratory release by the Miyashita Distillery. Miyashita (recognized for their shochu, beer, and sake) created this whisky from Japanese and German barley. Aged in ex-brandy barrels.

Okayama Single Malt was tasted at Meeting No. 54 on December 15, 2016. Out of 5, we rated it 2.50, though we had some disagreement among member ratings. Okayama Single Malt ranks 14th overall in Japanese Whisky. Costing $144, this spirit is expensive given the our rating of it.

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No. 14 of 14
14 Reviews

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 54 in December 2016

Kevin  •   •  4.0

This tastes better than it smells. The nose is very vegetal, almost pickled. The flavor is lighter and nowhere near as vegetal as the nose would make you think. Somewhat medicinal, somewhat peaty "dirt scotch". This is the dare you and your new friends in the Roppongi drink while screaming at each other. I give it an oddball 4.0 because it was the most discussion-worthy.

Mike R.  •   •  3.5

Not a nice nose- I get old socks. Strong fermentation. Briney. Hits of Worcestershire sauce. Super color- light, clear yellow. Spicy finish. Funky. Gets better as it breathes, tastes better than the flavor

Elliott  •   •  2.5

Best for fueling a butane torch. Strangely addictive, but I'm worried I may go blind from these loose cuts.

Gavin  •   •  2.5

An intriguing, estringint kalamata olive tapenade nose. Sweetened veil over a worcestershire Chex mix cracker.

Darren  •   •  2.5

My first thought on smelling this dram was fermented vegetables. After several whiffs I'm thinking Worcester sauce / sardine / brine. Unexpectedly pleasant flavor. Lightly sweet at the start and grows complex as the finish develops. Not a bad flavor but hard to get past the scent.

David S.  •   •  2.0

Fermented cider and rancid fruit from the start. Interestingly, it balances out a bit more on second and third sip. Still not my preference.

Brad  •   •  2.0

Bad baiju.

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