Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky

45% ABV

Originally released as a limited single cask release. Added to the Nikka range in 2014. Distilled in coffey stills (generally used for grain whisky production).

Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky was tasted at Meeting No. 54 on December 15, 2016. Out of 5, we rated it very highly at 3.90. Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky ranks 2nd overall in Japanese Whisky.

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No. 2 of 12

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 54 in December 2016

David S.  •  12/15/2016  •  4.5

A pure delight! Depth, balance and complexity all wrapped in a single taste. Can't wait for the next!

Brad  •  12/15/2016  •  4.5

Sweet, sugary on the nose with accurate advertising -- light coffee taste, smooth, thick, caramel and lasts a while. Very nice.

Elliott  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

Poppin coffey still goodness. Bourbon vanilla and rich chewy mouthfeel. This is a top notch sub-hundo pick.

Garrett  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

Sweet and savory BBQ of sIngle malts. Not smokey; speyseid-like with deep ex-bourbon barrel finish. Way more cherry than the Taketsuru. Like a juicy caramel. Love it!

Kevin  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

A burly yet nimble whiskey, definitely pick up the bourbon barrel finish.

Dennis  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

Great fragrance like burnt honey. Viscous on palette with hints of sweetness. Butterscotch nose and flavor

Mike R.  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

Light Honey color, Carmel vanilla notes. good weight but not heavy, creamy silky finish. Intensifies over course of taste, starts light finishes strong.

Marc  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

More butterscotchy than A, sweet flowers. Feels more substantial on the mouthfeel. Vanilla on he revisit after D.

Darren  •  12/15/2016  •  4.0

Full flavor and substantial mouth feel. Less sweet than the Pure Malt Taketsuru Reminiscent of a pleasant pipe tobacco. Evolving complex finish.

Justin  •  12/15/2016  •  3.5

An open bag of stay puff marshmallows on the nose. Sweet and creamy...

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