Kavalan Soloist Sherry Cask

2013 Vintage
57.8% ABV

Cask strength, individually numbered Sherried whisky from King Car's Kavalan Distillery. Bottle 367/517 of cask S060904028.

Kavalan Soloist Sherry Cask was tasted at Meeting No. 41 on October 29, 2015. Out of 5, we rated it very highly at 3.80. Kavalan Soloist Sherry Cask ranks 3rd overall in Other Whiskey. Costing $180, this spirit is expensive, but worth it.

Rating Details

No. 3 of 16

Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 41 in October 2015

Joel  •  10/29/2015  •  4.5

Sweet, pronounced and vividly aromatic. Sherry nose. Just quite amazing!

Brian W.  •  10/29/2015  •  4.5

Wow I am digging on the woodsy-tree barky aroma on this one, reminded me of hiking in the mountains on a misty fall afternoon. Really impressed with this one, I am finally catching the sherry notes on this, so nice and fruity but not sweet really, coupled with a slightly savory finish

Todd H.  •  10/29/2015  •  4.5

Sherry. Sherry baaaby, won't you come home with me. Nutt-ay and sweet. Salty sherry flavor.

Elliott  •  10/29/2015  •  4.0

Deeeep. Cola and syrup. Wow. As close to pure sherry as possible, I can't tell if I love it or I'll tire of it quickly, but definitely an experience. Much easier to drink than the ABV would lead me to believe.

David S.  •  10/29/2015  •  4.0

Subtle notes that dictate a harmonious journey throughout. A dessert.

Darren  •  10/29/2015  •  3.0

Remarkable first impression. The alcohol and the flavor of the spirit completely separate on the tongue - alcohol stays on the front tip while the flavor all migrates immediately to the back of the mouth. Strong smell of cherries or marishino syrup - almost like an old fashioned. Add water and nose changes to be more of a dark caramel. Flavor is okay but leaves an awkward sulfur residual sense on the tongue.

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