Black Dirt Astor Single Barrel Bourbon

3 Years Old
59.4% ABV

Barrel Number: 10614 Released on 5/19/16 Aged for 2 years in new charred American Oak Char level 3 Distilled from: 80% Black Dirt grown corn 10% Malted Barley 10% Rye

We tasted Black Dirt Astor Single Barrel Bourbon at Meeting No. 57 on April 27, 2017. We rated it 2.64 out of 5, though we had some disagreement among member ratings. At a street price of $55, this spirit is on the pricier side given the our rating of it.

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Tasting Notes

First Tasted at Meeting No. 57 in April 2017

Paul  •  4/27/2017  •  4.0

God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. Great things come from the mid-Atlantic like recorded sound, drive in movies and this spirit. Earthy nose, clean finish.

Elliott  •  4/27/2017  •  4.0

Wimpy nose but total mouth encompassing cask strength deliciousness with an herbal touch. This is divisive, but I like it.

Darren  •  4/27/2017  •  3.5

Big juniper on the nose at first. Big vegetal amoras after that. This one drinks / tastes like a gin. A barrel aged gin. Old Tom, maybe?

Brad  •  4/27/2017  •  3.0

Caramel log, with some just plain log too. Water brings it back to caramel.

Jason A.  •  4/27/2017  •  3.0

Tastes like a weird marriage between genever and whiskey. Much more herbal than you'd expect from a bourbon. Fruity, juniper-y, and with a whole lot of burn on the finish.

Dennis  •  4/27/2017  •  2.0

Nail polish nose . Wound sanitizer. Did not like it.

Mike R.  •  4/27/2017  •  1.0

Smells hot- boozy. Isopropanol burn down the back of the throat. Definitely wound sanitizing.

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