Highest Rated

Fifty Pounds Gin "Cask At the Back"  •  3/29/2018  •  4.5

So sassy. I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it! It’s the creek brûlée of gin.

Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof 2017 Release  •  12/14/2017  •  4.0

It burned my eyebrows off...but I feel good about that. The easy drinking one of the lot. Will definitely give you the warm fuzzies.

Cardhu 12  •  3/29/2018  •  3.5

Easy drinking.

Lowest Rated

Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve Edition 2  •  3/29/2018  •  3.0

Juniper and the ocean. And a guy hitting me in the face.

Cardhu 12  •  3/29/2018  •  3.5

Easy drinking.

George T. Stagg Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (2017 release)  •  12/14/2017  •  3.5

I don’t know my own name anymore. Sam? Roger? Daphne? This one...I didn’t love as much. But I think it might just be a personal taste pref. The hint of cinnamon is nice though.


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