John C.

Highest Rated

WhistlePig The Boss Hog IV - The Black Prince  •  8/30/2018  •  5.0

Black Prince: Wow. The finish on this is out of this world. Armagnac really sings through this. Long spicy complex.

WhistlePig The Boss Hog V - The Spirit of Mauve  •  8/30/2018  •  5.0

Mauve: Oh man. This is crazy good. Calvados finish reminds me of Apple and pear cider. Damn.

Kentucky Owl Straight Rye  •  8/30/2018  •  4.5

Wow. Huge nose plenty of sweetness to get you excited. Now this is the viscous spicy rye I was looking for!

Lowest Rated

Bowmore The Darkest  •  10/26/2017  •  3.5

Big phenolic nose and taste. Yes you get that classic Islay complexity but it's much drier than I was expecting. As it warms up in your mouth the phenols fade and your left with loads more notes to think about. This is a fun one.

Kavalan Sherry Oak Single Malt  •  10/26/2017  •  3.5

Mmmmm. A little smokey and oaky for sure. I like this. Not as thick or as elegant as its big brother but much much easier to drink. Good dried fruit notes. Maybe some fig? Either way. This is a sessionable Kavalan sherry cask.

Glenrothes Refill Sherry Hogshead  •  10/26/2017  •  3.5

Sweet yet balanced. Nice oatmeal notes. Medium bodied and viscous. Yes it's hot, but damn! Let it warm up in your mouth and your golden!


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